Frequent questions

Can cold-dried fruit be used for baking?

Yes, it can be used as a topping, decoration or pulverized to add more flavor

What happens to the flavor if I use it for cocktails?

The food is rehydrated with the prepared drink, making the food become fresh fruit again but with an exceptional flavor, since the flavors of the fruit and the drink are combined

If I use it as an ingredient and the cold-dried fruit is moistened, what happens?

Returns to its original form

Why does cold-dried fruit have such a long shelf life?

Moisture in combination with oxygen causes food to spoil, by removing both we manage to keep the fruit in excellent condition

Why is the flavor of cold-dried fruit more intense than that of fresh fruit?

Thanks to the process we leave the NECTAR of the food, this is nutrients, fiber and flavor.

Why does it look like this?

Thanks to the fact that we are minimally invasive and only remove the water from the food without damaging its structure

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Does it preserve its nutrients?

Yes, up to 99%

How much does a 20g serving of Fruitee represent?

200 grams of fresh fruit.

Can I give it to my son?

Of course! You will love their fruit snacks.

Is it true that I can take it everywhere?

Yes, it's easy to transport and doesn't require refrigeration

How long can it last once opened?

Up to 2 weeks!

How can I prepare a delicious drink with my cold-dried fruit?

  1. You will need 2.5 g of the cold dried fruit of your choice
  2. Put 250 ml of water in the blender and add your fruit
  3. Stir for 30 to 45 sec at a constant speed
  4. Enjoy your healthy and delicious drink!
  5. If it is hot water, let stand for 3 to 5 minutes and if it is cold water, 5 more minutes so that the flavor is fully incorporated.

Why doesn't the food have black stamps?

Since NOTHING is added to the product and it is 100% the food you eat, it is because of them that the labeling is CLEAN