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Freeze Dried Raspberry Powder

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Delicious freeze-dried raspberries in powder with a crunchy texture. Net content: 20 grams / .705 ounces per container.

Presentation 20 grams / .705 ounces equivalent to 200 grams / 7.05 ounces of fresh fruit.


Ideal for:

    • Smoothies.
    • Topping.
    • Confectionery and Mixology Input

What is the freeze-drying process?

Process in which we freeze food at -40 degrees, lower the pressure and extract the water.

The benefits of the process are:

    • We preserve up to 99% of vitamins and minerals
    • We maintain natural flavor, smell and color (of the food).
    • Delivering Delicious, Natural, and Practical Products.


    • 1 single ingredient.
    • Free of added sugars.
    • Free from preservatives.

Rich in: Vitamine C, potassium, antioxidants and fiber, with a low content of calories and sugars