Strawberry Toast

receta de pan francés con fresa liofilizada







-Fresa de Liomart




1- Put your bread in a flat area and with a spoon help yourself to flatten all the crumb of your bread so that it is sunk as a plate, and pre-cut the oven to 180 degrees or your airfryer.

2- In a bowl mix a little yogurt and the full egg.

3- And to being homogeneous you add a cinnamon to taste, honey to taste, vanilla to taste and a little salt. (I recommend you put a little of everything)

4- Mix all ingredients very well.

5- Serve the mixture in the hollow part that you made in your loaves, do not put much so that it does not overflow.

6- Decorate your loaves with your preferred Liomart fruit.

7- Enter them to the oven and leave them there between 10 and 15 min.

8- Take them out of the oven and let stand for a few minutes.

9- Enjoy!

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