Super Snack

receta de bites de plátano con chocolate



  • Liophilized banana of @liomartmexico
  • Dotile jam (3-4 pzas of hydrated dates 10 minutes in boiling water and crushed)
  • 1 sugar -free chocolate bar




  1. This recipe is very simple, we just have to put some dates jam on a slice of lyophilized banana, then put another slicing on top to make a kind of “banana“ sandwich ”.
  2. We melt a sugar -free chocolate bar in the microwave by approx. 30-40 Se and submerged an shore of our "sandwich"
  3. We refrigerate 10-15 minutes.




The lyophilized fruit causes a sweet touch and crunchy, which is ideal for a sweet and natural snack, in addition to the dotile jam that you can use to sweeten what you want: liquefied, dessert mixtures, etc.


You can find the banana and more lyophilized fruits Lio Mart® in @dulcegranadamx_


You have to try them!

 Credits @lnandrearmeza


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