Surfing on the Coast of Mexico

Surf en la Costa de México

Our country represents a tropical paradise for both foreigners and natives. Mexico is a nation with unmatched geographic and climatic versatility. The beaches are one of those main attractions. Within this niche lies one of the most interesting subcultures in water sports: surfing. In this edition of the weekly blog we want to take you by the hand with us to discover the most iconic spots to carry out this activity.

Surfing, the quintessential Hawaiian tradition, naturally entered the Mexican market through the states closest to the border. Thus, the fashion that consumed California soon reached Ensenada, a place that is widely cataloged as the Cradle of Surfing in Mexico. Within this city there are numerous beaches to surf, which stand out Playa San Miguel, Tres Emes and Stacks.

But not only Baja California enjoys surfing activity. Checking the wide scope of this sport we have as an example that in Oaxaca you can also find excellent places to catch waves. Zicatela is considered one of the best surfing beaches not only in Mexico, but also in the world. Waves can reach a height of up to 6 meters at this site.

In Bajío terrain we also find beaches for surfing. Cuyután beach in Manzanillo, Colima is a stamp tourist destination in this area. Likewise, Nayarit has a couple of good elements such as Sayulita in Banderas Bay bordering Puerto Vallarta, as well as San Blas a little further north.

Surfing is an outdoor sports activity that is practiced together with our loved ones. Our delicious freeze-dried fruit is a perfect food to complement this activity. Its portability and fresh flavor magically blend with the feeling of riding a wave and the sand on your feet.

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