Mexican snacks: past, present and future

Snacks mexicanos: pasado, presente y futuro

Within the folklore of Mexican culture, there is no doubt that food is one of the fundamental pillars, if not the most important. We talk about dishes that regionally represent traditions and flavors both pre -Hispanic, as mestizos of our country, a fact that specifically in this national month fills us with pride. And although the chiles in Nogada, Pozole, Tacos, Sopes, Tamales, among others, are the protagonists, there is little talk about secondary actors in this culinary party.

What about the snacks, snacks? From the dishes to the center, the Tentempiés, those who take away our hunger or open the way for the main dish? These are silent heroes who also play an important role in the gastronomic traditions of Mexico.

In the Mexican universe of the ‘classic snacks’ we find the corn in the epicenter. And it is an all -terrain. While it can be used as an ingredient for certain stews, it can also be consumed properly as a meal itself (just like our product!).

The presentations are infinite: whole, roasted, cooked, in glass, in plate, with chili, lemon, cheese-crema, etc ... and we will not even get into the linguistic debate that puts Mexico feet, what is the correct form for Call the elot grains prepared in a plastic vessel? There we leave it.

Guacamole is not only a vital element in Mexican cuisine, but has also catapulted to be a picture of our country's culture abroad. It is its only flavor and preparation method, but also its audiovisual factor: a dish that brings together the national colors (green, white and red) in a total combination of senses. There is no adequate way to eat a guacamole, but the most traditional is with some delicious totopos ...

Touching the issue of friedness, we cannot miss one of the heavyweights in Mexican snacks: the potatoes and all their presentations. We are talking about a leader on the topic of snacks. The potatoes prepared with Chile and Limón can be found at the table of a restaurant, in a football stadium and even with street vendors outside the church. The churritos, peanuts and ‘hard’ are not far behind.

Just as these ‘snacks’ have permeated the gastronomic, social and family culture of Mexico, thus we see the consolidation of Lío Mart and its products. Because we are as versatile as the corn, as Mexican as guacamole and you will find us everywhere as potatoes. We want to be a spinal part of your day to day and take us with you everywhere and at the end of the day you find us at the table of your kitchen. This is how our path begins,BThe family and that live Mexico!

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