Mexican hiking: La Chupinaya

Senderismo mexicano: La Chupinaya

It is popular knowledge of the hidden beauties that Mexico has. One of the best secrets of the relief of our country is one that is found in the most recondite of Lake Chapala. Jalisco, a land whose orography includes beaches, mountains, plains and plateaus, has an incomparable hiking trail: El Cerro La Chupinaya.

Hiking has become enormously relevant, above all because it is one of the few outdoor physical activities that can be practiced under most of the regulations imposed by the pandemic. The Chupinaya represents a medium-high level route, which can be practiced in small groups.

With a duration of approximately 3 hours of walking to reach the first resting place (called "El Pandito"), La Chupinaya is not a tour that should be done without previous training in hiking. The flora is incredible and the view incomparable with a beautiful postcard of Lake Chapala.

For those who want to do the complete tour, the goal is the Cruz de la Chupinaya, a landmark that is almost another 3 hours from El Pandito.

The recommendations to do this tour are to wear excellent footwear, a cap/visor and above all, a backpack with adequate food and drink. Particularly for La Chupinaya we recommend the freeze-dried strawberry in our practical and resealable Lio Mart packages. Plenty of water, whey and energy drinks are also necessary.

Go ahead and make this Lio Mart experience a reality. La Chupinaya awaits you with a beautiful explosion of flavors, reliefs and exercise.

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