I want to eat healthy! Diseases and habits

¡Quiero comer saludable! Enfermedades y hábitos

Over the years, the term “healthy eating” has taken on great importance, not only as a treatment for a specific disease, but also as a crucial preventive measure against them. This is due to the fact that diseases that previously only occurred in older adults, together with poor nutrition, are now occurring in children.

An inadequate diet greatly increases the risk of suffering from chronic non-communicable diseases such as: obesity, diabetes mellitus, cancer, dyslipidemia, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, among others.

Obesity is the pandemic of the 21st century, Mexico remains in the first place in childhood overweight and/or obesity in the world, this has led health personnel to place greater emphasis on nutritional education. Similarly, this has required better efforts to raise awareness about good nutrition from preschool, in such a way that healthy eating is promoted and therefore the cases of diseases related to food issues in later years are reduced.

Having a healthy diet not only aims to reduce the risk of diseases in future ages, but also has a great impact on life today, from the energy with which we get up to our concentration when doing our work .

A “healthy diet” is considered to be that which is capable of covering your daily energy and nutritional needs to carry out activities such as breathing, sleeping, walking and even physical activity or exercise that we practice. There are 4 pillars on which a healthy diet is built.

First of all it should be complete, this means that it contains all the nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals ) and, by including these nutrients, it also includes all kinds of foods.

Food must also be adequate, this implies that it is according to your tastes, culture and economic access. If the food is harmless, its consumption does not represent a risk to your health; and if it is balanced then each nutrient is within the correct proportion and distribution of portions.

Eating a healthy diet is not demonizing or prohibiting any food. It is finding a balance and knowing how to introduce it into our diet. The difference is in what we do day by day and that we eventually make it a habit.

LN. Andrea Reyes

Nutritional Consultation / Maternal-Child

Credits. @lnandrearmeza

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