What to eat when I go camping?

¿Qué comer cuando voy a acampar?

If inside the city it is sometimes not easy to decide what one is going to eat, the problem triples when you are outside it. Without so many kitchen resources and with food conditioned by climatic and logistic (transport) conditions, the options are reduced. What do people eat when they go hiking? What are the most prepared meals for those who camp? In this edition of our blog we tackle these two questions.

Naturally, practicality is a key element. Foods that can be eaten both raw and hot have added value in this circumstance. That is why basic elements such as sandwiches/croissants are typical in the camps. They are easy to transport, rich, simple to prepare and stay fresh for a considerable period of time. Similarly, although perhaps a little less sophisticated, canned products are also a must for this type of occasion. They are probably not the most spectacular options, but they are the most practical.

At breakfast things can become more complicated, especially for those who are used to heavy breakfasts with protein. To do this you would have to supply this with slices of ham, oatmeal made in advance and fruits with granola.

But let's think big. In many camps, if you don't get too tired, you can choose to light a small fire. This opens the window to endless possibilities. With this you can prepare simple foods such as brochettes, grilled chicken, or even a round of marshmallows over direct heat.

However, there are occasions when, due to the itinerary, it is impossible to stop completely for a meal break. Here the power of snacks is highlighted. You can eat a trail mix, peanuts... but without a doubt the best option would be a freeze-dried fruit snack. That is where LioMart comes in with a unique proposal with an outdoors spirit. Our packages are designed to keep the product fresh and to be easy to eat while maneuvering perhaps on a hike. The nutritional content is not an issue, you will have all the energy to reach your goal.

We believe that LioMart has everything to become an essential product to pack on your outings to connect with nature.

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