The best foods before exercise!

¡Los mejores alimentos antes del ejercicio!

When it comes to going to exercise, eating 15-20 minutes before going out keeps your blood sugar level stable. That means you have enough energy to do cardio and strength exercises.

Although it has been said on many occasions that exercise on an empty stomach is better, in recent years it has been shown that there is no significant difference. Therefore, if you enjoy consuming a pre-workout, make sure it is of the best quality in order to obtain that extra energy and be able to give a plus during your exercise.

There are different combinations for your pre-workout to be of good quality, for example:

  • Fruit portion + Healthy fat portion:

The fruit will provide energy from the natural sugars in the fruit, the healthy fat will provide energy and at the same time a parking brake so that the fruit does not raise the blood sugar too much. Ex. ½ bag of freeze-dried fruit + 1 teaspoon of peanut butter.

  • Full Carbohydrate Serving + Healthy Fat Serving + Fruit Serving:

This combination is one of the most common by athletes. It provides the necessary energy to obtain better resistance or energy in workouts that usually last more than 60 minutes. The consumption of nut butters, in addition to providing energy, provide grams of protein. We can give it a sweet or crunchy touch with the use of freeze-dried fruit that is very practical to transport. Ex. 1 slice of wholemeal bread + 1 teaspoon of peanut butter + ½ bag of freeze-dried fruit.

  • Protein shake + portion of fruit:

Although for many years it has been believed that protein consumption should be mandatory after exercising within the "metabolic window", recent studies have shown that this window does not exist. Therefore the food can be consumed before exercising. You can add a portion of fruit to add flavor, a little sweetness and extra energy.

  • Portion of fruit:

When we perform fast or low intensity exercises, a portion of fruit will be enough to be able to perform them successfully. Ex. 1 bag of freeze-dried fruit, ½ piece of fresh green apple, ½ piece of fresh banana.

Like exercise, pre-workout snacks aren't an absolute truth, it's all fine-tuned based on the details. Before exercising, you can eat what is right for you, always looking for the perfect combinations so that you can perform your exercise successfully, comfortably and with excellent energy.

-LN. Andrea Reyes
Nutritional / Maternal-Infant
Consultation Follow: @lnandrearmeza

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