Lio Mart at the holiday table

Lio Mart en la mesa de las festividades

In Mexico, the tradition of Guadalupe-Reyes (the period between the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe and Three Kings Day between December and January) marks a cycle of family, work and friends gatherings where coexistence is always accompanied of the food. That is why these dates present a perfect opportunity to strengthen relationships and have a good time with loved ones.

You who know our delicious product know how versatile it can be to adapt to the culinary requirement that arises that day. You who do not yet know this facet of Lio Mart, we propose the following ways to incorporate it into your table during the holidays.

In inns and work meetings, Lio Mart snacks are a perfect element as a snack in the center of the table. It represents a bright and fresh alternative to classic bagged potatoes. Additionally, freeze-dried fruit can be used to prepare exotic drinks at the mixology level.

At Christmas dinners, desserts can't be missing either. Our product is designed to be the confectioner's best friend, both for the quality that Lio Mart can add to it as a decorative element, but also for the efficiency with which the product renders, all this without overlooking the large amount of time that a packet can be preserved.

Now that the new year and Three Kings' Day are approaching, we are sure that we will be able to be present at one of these presentations. Lio Mart proposes a fresh, delicious and healthy style of snacking. Why not start the year with all these intentions on the palate?

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