Food and the Day of the Dead

La comida y el Día de Muertos

It is a month full of celebrations, but none as significant and beautiful as the Day of the Dead. It is the day where we take time to honor our deceased, remembering their works in life. The altars, main elements in this festivity, are filled with objects loved by our dead... and most of them are food. In today's post we want to talk a little about how food is a fundamental part of the Day of the Dead.

When we were little, the tradition for the Day of the Dead began through the palate in the form of sweets. A delicious sugar skull is the perfect vehicle for a child to begin to understand what is being celebrated. In addition, the skulls represented a didactic form for schools in which decoration was part of the children's education. The problem is that the skulls were not the best friends of our parents with their enormous amount of sugar, which was a danger to the teeth, palate and stomach.

An element that completely captivated the Mexican public and even the international one is the famous bread of the dead. This delicious recipe of wheat, anise and orange is a traditional element of the Mexican fall. Its flavor is exquisite, but its symbolism is also worth discussing. A circle that represents life and death, while the ball symbolizes the skull of the deceased. There is an urban myth that the bread of the dead represents the human sacrifices that were made in Mesoamerica. Who can say no to a delicious pan de muerto with a cup of hot chocolate?

The traditional foods of the Day of the Dead are definitely addictive, but their nutritional content is perhaps not their strongest letter of introduction. We, faithful to our philosophy that the delicious and healthy should never be fought, we have perfected the indicated ingredients, and a process that we have talked about, to have some delicious fruity snacks.

We want that as the years go by and we establish our legacy, that Lio Mart is an essential part of your altars every time the first days of November arrive. We know we have what it takes to be one, and have you already tried our snacks?

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