Energy for your day!

¡Energía para tu día!

Freeze-dried fruit is a product that will give you that push to continue carrying out your activities in a healthy way without having to resort to refined sugars or high-fat products. One of its additional benefits is that it contains the ideal carbohydrate intake from the natural sugar of the fruit. This type of sugar works in our body as a fuel that allows us to go a little further than normal.

There are foods that stand out in the discipline of nutrition for their high content of energy, vitamins and minerals. We have the case of garlic, rich in vitamins B6 or spinach, which are a powerful source of vitamin K. Other foods famous for being "best friends" of high-performance athletes are eggs, rich in protein, and bananas , whose high potassium content favors athletes.

Precisely the banana is one of the products that in our family has been transformed through the freeze-drying process to create an even more perfect snack, both in flavor and nutritional content.

Do not forget that each fruit contains micronutrients, such as the corresponding vitamins and minerals. These are preserved during the freeze-drying process, thus making them safe to ingest. For example, most freeze-dried fruits preserve vitamin C and A, and minerals such as iron and potassium, whose nutrients help protect the immune system, so that eating them makes us feel healthy and energetic.

Freeze-dried fruit is a perfect snack for before or after exercising, with the advantage that it is very easy to transport, making it the best option to take with you. Not only does it provide that boost for your exercise, but it is also ideal in your food preparations as a topping or smoothies. Thus, the freeze-dried product is a main ingredient for that "boost" of energy that we need to continue with our workday or activities of daily life.

In conclusion, freeze-dried fruit can be the food you need to feel that boost of energy, or be part of your day to day life. Not forgetting that it comes from fresh fruit and that the nutrients that are preserved are ideal within a healthy diet.

-LN. Andrea Reyes
Nutritional / Maternal-Child consultation
Follow: @lnandrearmeza

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