back to school

Back to School

The holidays have come to an end, or are close for a few lucky ones. It is time, for adults, to return to the routine of working life. For those younger: the imminent return to classes.

In many parts of the world, and despite the omnicron variant, schools are gradually returning to normal face-to-face activities. It is a new beginning, perhaps a little far from what the pandemic painted, but without a doubt a balm for all those who longed to return to a campus, play in the garden, enjoy the facilities and above all, resume physical human coexistence. .

The "school at home" and "home office" modalities completely changed the dynamics of schedules, including meal times. There were no more recesses or lunch breaks in offices, but rather everyone was free to do so at much more adaptable times.

The great advantage of Lio Mart is that it is adaptable for both face-to-face and online back-to-school. If you are going to be in the comforts of your home taking classes via your computer, you can always have a package of our delicious freeze-dried fruit out of sight of the Zoom session. Instead, if you're heading back to campus, our convenient packaging makes it easy for us to be part of your backpack and try the product whenever you want.

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