You have to leave insecurities this summer.

Hay que dejar las inseguridades este verano.

We have all grown listening to comments about our body or that of others. We have been educated that we have to eat little to be slender or that we do not wear those clothes because we are seen the "Lonjita".

Today, I write as a woman, who is in the process of loving himself completely, accepting each part of her. Yes, it also implies all those things about me that cost me work, those that awaken insecurities.

Therefore, let's get in fashion, leave those insecurities little by little fly, accept them to leave them free and never return. Let's take them out of the closet, do not have them there, like when we cling to a shirt that we do not use and say "I will use it, I am waiting to lose weight little." How many did not happen to us? Let's open that closet and see all those insecurities with other eyes, how maps of our life, how memories and stories and then let's let them go.

First, we will put mental and physical and consecutive health, let whatever want. Let's take care. Also self -love is what we consume, remember that our body is unique and the one we will have for a lifetime. If you feel you need support, seek help with a professional, find your safe circle and express all that is hurting you. Many times not expressing things, not getting them out of us, keeps us stagnant in the same place.

The self -love process is a difficult path. There will be potholes, stops, deviations, falls, ups and downs, but in the end, you will get to what they have expected. The important thing is not destiny, but the way, and what you grow and improvements in that journey.

We are human, we have insecurities and realities. I do not tell you that you will never feel that thorn, but when you look in the mirror safely and accept every part of you, you become invincible. I will give you advice and I learned from my mother: Accept yourself as you are, because there are no returns, take care and be sure of you so that nothing and nobody make you feel less.

So this summer, put on those clothes you like, with which you feel comfortable. Don't hide behind masks, we don't create everything we see on the Internet.

Dare to use those shorts, that skirt or that top that you want so much. Acceptance and self -esteem are fashionable.


Credits: @thebookler

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