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Hay que dejar las inseguridades este verano.

You have to leave insecurities this summer.

Descubre la importancia del amor propio y la aceptación del cuerpo en este conmovedor texto. Aprende a dejar atrás las inseguridades y a cuidar tu salud mental y física. Descubre cómo liberarte de las expectativas de la sociedad y aceptarte tal y como eres. ¡Atrévete a usar esa ropa que tanto te gusta y a sentirte cómodo en tu propia piel! La moda ahora es la aceptación y el amor propio.

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Mes de la Mujer (mujeres destacadas)

Women's month (outstanding women)

In the month of March, we celebrated women, who gave us life and many give us the desire to live it. I speak of mothers, sisters, friends, nieces, cousins, companions, etc. ... I speak of those strong souls who have not moved forward. And that also, the story has changed. It is a long way that we need to go, but we must recognize the results of the effort of those women who with their courage, heart and rebellion have changed to Mexico: Leona Vicario: Her's full name was Maria de la Soledad Leona Camila Vicario Fernández de San Salvador,...

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Senderismo mexicano: La Chupinaya

Mexican hiking: La Chupinaya

It is popular knowledge of the hidden beauties that Mexico has. One of the best secrets of the relief of our country is one that is found in the most recondite of Lake Chapala. Jalisco, a land whose orography includes beaches, mountains, plains and plateaus, has an incomparable hiking trail: El Cerro La Chupinaya. Hiking has become enormously relevant, above all because it is one of the few outdoor physical activities that can be practiced under most of the regulations imposed by the pandemic. The Chupinaya represents a medium-high level route, which can be practiced in small groups. With a...

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André Alba
Back to School

back to school

The holidays have come to an end, or are close for a few lucky ones. It is time, for adults, to return to the routine of working life. For those younger: the imminent return to classes. In many parts of the world, and despite the omnicron variant, schools are gradually returning to normal face-to-face activities. It is a new beginning, perhaps a little far from what the pandemic painted, but without a doubt a balm for all those who longed to return to a campus, play in the garden, enjoy the facilities and above all, resume physical human coexistence. ....

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